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Mike Pierrera's take


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It was a TD....


The Situation: Baltimore had the ball, first down and 9 at the New York 9-yard line with 7:37 left in the second quarter. Baltimore led 14-7.

The Play: Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco completed a 9-yard pass to Jacoby Jones, who dove for the end zone for a touchdown. After a review, the play was reversed to an incomplete pass.

My Take: When defining a catch, the rule book states that a receiver must first control the ball, then get both feet clearly down and finally maintain control of the ball long enough to perform an act common to the game. Acts common to the game are described as being able to pitch the ball, pass it, advance with it or avoid or ward off an opponent, etc.

This also applies to a receiver who is going to the ground to complete the catch. If on the way to the ground he is able to turn up field in an attempt to advance, or if he's able to reach the ball out to gain extra yardage, which could include a first down or a touchdown, he is deemed to have completed the catch.

On this play, since Jones reached the ball out to break the plane before he hit the ground, he is deemed to perform an act common to the game — or as officials call it, a second act. This should have remained a touchdown and not have been overturned. There was clearly not indisputable evidence to overturn the ruling.

The interesting thing about this play is that this same officiating crew faced a similar decision a couple of weeks ago and let the ruling of a touchdown stand. They were subsequently told by the NFL that there was not enough of a second act and that the ruling should have been reversed to an incomplete pass. That had to weigh on their mind when they ruled on this play and certainly influenced this decision.

Officials are held accountable for their calls on the field and they are graded. But grading can negatively influence what they do down the road. There is too much emphasis on grading, but that's another subject for another time.


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I think there were 4 calls against the Ravens that were wrong.

This one. One on Oher. Ed reed's hit knocking that guy out of bounds and Boldins block.


"I can't pay you anymore right now in front of all these people! I know 4 calls was the deal... but we might need 6 or 7."


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