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Swing and a miss?


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Did the Brass strike out with Paul Kruger?


2nd round draft picks usually atleast dress on game day, yet Kruger has not, and is likely not to today,

Does his lack of weight hinder him? I thought he looked well in pre-season.


It seems hes heading down the Dwan Edwards path, maybe he'll dress 2 seasons from now, and we'll see him during mop up time.

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He's not a swing and a miss crav.


He's a very talented rookie behind Suggs on the depth chart. At this point in time they cannot sit Suggs or Jarret Johnson...or Trevor Pryce to play Kruger.

He's never been a special teams player and he's busting his butt to earn a ST spot...then the Ravens can dress him.


He will be a beast..

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Did Thomas or Johnson develop into hybrid DE's overnight?



It's a numbers game right now because the Ravens are so deep in their front 7.

They want the rotation of Gregg, Bannon, Ngata, Edwards, Johnson, Suggs And Pryce on the line.


Jarret Johnson is realy god BTW. They value his presense against the run.


At this time it's just a numbers game.


Face it...the Ravens vare stocked.... :)

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