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Daytona is ROCKING


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Our Politcians at work robbing us of course.


But you have no problem with Mexicans crossing the border, and feeding off our social system? What is it with you people who live in the north east? Your priorities are in total disarray.

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no daytonia for me until july

i have 2days in and out


to nashville

to daytonia




the odds are out for the champonship


huge money on TRUEX JR



i hope i have some REAL COMPETITION in billy's fantasy nascar this year

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You havent been here in a while, Im working for Penske, right across the street from the main gates of the raceway, they are warning me that it will become a zoo in about 3 weeks.

I'm always here, just quiet. I did see when you mentioned that, and I'm jealous as hell. I know exactly where that Penske is...right on Fentress.


I wouldn't be surprised if it's a zoo before that. Probably one of the most anticipated Februarys in a long time, with everything that's going on this year.

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