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Super Bowl Champions Final Team Huddle


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You have to read this!



Not sure how many interviews John Harbaugh did after joining Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, Dick Cass, Joe Flaccoicon-article-link.gif, Ray Lewisicon-article-link.gif and Ed Reedicon-article-link.gif in receiving the Super Bowl trophy from Roger Goodell on the Superdome field, but there were a lot. Maybe 10 to 15 ... ESPN, CBS, Comcast, Brazil-TV, CNN, NFL Network, FOX and on and on.

When we finally headed to the locker room, Coach Harbaugh turned and asked: "Where are the players? Is everyone in the locker room?"

He was told that some players had already dressed and were on buses back to the team hotel.

"We have to meet one more time. We have to have our huddle and pray. That's who we are," Harbaugh said.

So, on the plane ride back to Baltimore the next day, Harbs got on the P.A. and explained about the parade and rally that would happen on Tuesday, saying: "Before we start the parade, let's meet in the locker room for our last prayer and meeting."

The meeting was supposed to start at 9:45, but because of the traffic jams around M&T Bank Stadium, our players and coaches struggled to be on time. When all the coaches and players had arrived in the locker room almost an hour later, the room included families. Steve and Renee' Bisciotti were there. Ingrid and Alison Harbaugh stood by John. Maybe 30 or more players had their spouses and children or girlfriends with them.

Everyone In The Huddle

Many coaches would have asked for a little privacy with their players and coaches for "one last team huddle." Not Harbs. He invited everyone to form a big circle in the middle of the room. Players, kids, wives, girlfriends. Everyone.

"You know when I got emotional at the Super Bowl?" Coach Harbaugh began, "When I heard that loud 'Oh!' during the national anthem. All of our fans – they were so proud to be there. That is so much about what this is all about. And, we're about to see that today with the parade and rally.

"We are so proud to stand together. Let me tell you what the people said in New Orleans. The real people – the ones working with us at the hotel, the police who escorted us. They said they had never witnessed a group of men like you. They said you treated them with class and dignity and with humor. They said you showed interest in them. They've worked with many other NFL teams and college teams playing in Sugar Bowls.

"But, they said you were the best they ever worked with – the Baltimore Ravens were the best people," Harbs said.




That's just the beginning...it gets even heavier. :gorave:

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