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Former Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison has been talking with the Ravens, according to his agent.


Agent Bill Parise told The Baltimore Sun he's spoken with Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome regarding the former NFL Defensive Player of the Year as well as six other teams.


"I've talked to Ozzie, sure have, had a good talk about James," Parise said. "It's early and we're not in negotiations, but we're having some good conversations. Baltimore would be an outstanding place for James to play because he knows the division and has that familiarity and they're a class organization. We'll see where it goes."




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Pat Moriarty: "Ozzie! The pizza delivery man is here."

Newsome: "Let him in."

Bill Parise: "Here's your pizzas."

Newsome:" Thanks. Pay the man Pat."

Bill Parise: "Actually I'm James Harrison's agent and if you'd just give me 2 minutes of your time...."

Newsome: "Sorry but you've given me a good idea. You and James would make a great pizza delivery tandem. Show the man out Pat."

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