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What a classless orginization

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Tampa Bay Rays.


1. opening day, the local Ravens Roost here in Fl took a bus load to the game,they were spit on, cussed at, beer dumped on and of course the Ray Lewis comments flew every other comment.


This is their sign they displayed



Then the Tampa mascot episode,

Areyoukiddinme, the FO actually allowed this??



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It's a high price to pay for the O's faithfull but it was worth it.


Love the roosts sign...it's fabulous.

Loved taking 2 out of 3 from the Rays too.


Those same Rays fans were "sent out into the weeping and knashing of teeth" yesterday.

Nothing like revenge.

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I chuckled when I realized the joke....now i feel like a bit of a dick.


I can't really blame the Rays Organization for their mascot picking up the sign. I'm not sure I can even blame the mascot. He may not even have realized what it said as he's bouncing around the stadium doing his shtick


That's a pretty cool display by the Ravens Flock. Way to go Fla O's fans!

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