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O's pitching needs to "come around"


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The starters and bullpen have to do better. This torrid hitting streak won't last all season. There will be peaks and valleys.

Pitching, especially the relievers and closers, were a huge part of last seasons success.

To make the playoffs again the O's pitchers have to step up.




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Well, Tillman and Arrietta are the only starters to really struggle if you ask me. No one has gone especially 'deep,' but the other three pitched fine. And we know to expect that kind of inconsistency from Tillman and Arrieta, hence why we kept so many other guys ready to call up. Personally, I still don't see Arrieta being the guy long-term. Tillman still has a lot of upside.


As for the pen... I'm not overly concerned. Early season shakes. A few of the issues in the bullpen haven't been aided by shaky defense at bad times (like last night).


Obviously the bats can't keep it up forever - but really right now we're getting all of our production from Markakis, Jones, Davis and Wieters. Look at the rest of the team and you can see decent average but not really any pop. The big four may not be able to plow forever, but Reimold, McClouth, Machado, Hardy will all their turns.

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