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According to Adam...who is now on the bandwagon after picking against the Ravens in every playoff game....



It's the Baltimore Ravens' world, and we're all just living in it.

That's not hyperbole, folks.

The Ravens just won a Super Bowl after a regular season during which nobody thought they were the NFL's premium team at any point. They were dominant -- and, most significantly, supremely clutch -- in the playoffs. In the ensuing offseason, they've lost two icons and a number of other signature starters. Yet somehow, Baltimore comes out smelling like a rose, looking more entrenched than ever as the ruler of the AFC North, with a legit chance to be right back in the Super Bowl hunt.

The reason the Ravens are a contender every year is that they back up a great coaching staff with the best front office in the NFL. Ozzie Newsome is the best general manager in football.



14271.jpgGosh...he's not real high on the Steelers....



I wrote about the Pittsburgh Steelers' mess earlier in the offseason. They are a barren, seven-win team with major issues at running back, O-line, receiver and every level of the defense. People are blinded by the proud history of this franchise, but Steelers fans should be very concerned. I'm interested in seeing if the team matches the Pats' offer to restricted-free-agent receiver Emmanuel Sanders, who is very talented and well-rounded. Bottom line: The gap between the Ravens and Steelers has never been more pronounced.



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What a huge emotional roller coaster ride it's been!

I'm on top of the mountain...astounded and flippin out on the Ravens Super Bowl win. The parade and all that happened in the days after that. :bow:


Then...worry about the Cap and signing Flacco. :cryin:

Ray and Burke retire. :cryin1:

Then...key players in the Super Bowl run gone in 60 seconds. :scared:


But wait!

Ozzie starts bringing in new players...they are good and Cap friendly. :kool:

I'm headed on the upswing....12 draft picks with some key holes already filled... :thumbup:

I'm beginning to feel and see where this is all headed: a competitive 2013 team with another good shot at the playoffs! :gorave:

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