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Flacco Article


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Thanks for putting up the article...I really enjoyed it.


Joe is special and last year was no fluke. It's way too early in his career but he has some Johnny U in him for sure.

I say that as a compliment and character comparison...not that I want him to be another Johnny U.

I've seen Johnny...I want him to be Joe Flacco. I want to see what Joe Flacco can become.

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I love this kid, if only our defense would step the hell up...


By the way there's a couple ESPN Insider articles on there that also talk about Flacco so if anyone can post those it would be much appreciated :)


Just become insider again, not sure if there is another Flacco article except from this one..

Description by Matt Williamson of Joe, Ryan, Henne, Josh Johnson, Sanchez and Stafford.


Joe.. I was fortunate enough to watch Flacco in high school and helped to recruit him to the University of Pittsburgh. Even then, he was an extremely grounded young man, and that trait clearly has carried over to the NFL. Physically, Flacco has it all. There are only two or three NFL quarterbacks in his class when discussing the package of size (6-foot-6), arm strength and athletic ability, which is a vastly underrated trait that Flacco has. Defenses must defend the entire field against Flacco. He can drill the deep out on the open side of the field, launch a 60-yard strike or fire a laser into very tight coverage because his arm is simply superb. As impressive as his physical traits are, his mental makeup is equally as strong. Flacco really is "Joe Cool." Nothing rattles him, and he processes information quickly. Remember, although he started off at Pitt, he also played at Delaware -- not exactly a football hotbed. His incredibly rapid ascension since entering the NFL has been nothing short of remarkable. He is knocking on the door to become a premier quarterback.





And from Schefters mailbag;


Q: How big a risk was taking Joe Flacco in the 2008 draft? What did the Ravens see in him that they didn't in, say, Brian Brohm, who had received so much more hype in college?


-- Al (Eau Claire, Wis.)


A: Al: The Ravens were very high on Flacco and Matt Ryan. In fact, they even tried to trade up to get Ryan. When they couldn't, they traded back to a spot where they were fully confident they would be able to get Flacco. To be honest, never even heard anything about the Ravens considering Brohm. Ryan and Flacco were their guys, and they were going to be thrilled with either one. Worked out, didn't it?

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that is a very good article! i tell you what, i really like flacco! the sky is the limit for him! watching him play is very fun to watch!

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Interesting tidbit about Flacco turning down endorsements. He is a pretty interesting character.

But I've seen him do some spots for little Mom & Pop companies. The guy is just NOT full of himself. I'm really impressed with not only his performance on the field, but his character off the field. I feel very lucky to have him in the purple fold.

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