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One Winning Drive: Three Thoughts on Ravens-Broncos


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1. Denver’s defense is for real… Not “for real, for real” like the Ravens teams of the past, but they are legitimately good. They stop the run with the best of them, have a great pass rush, and one of the league’s best corners leading a solid secondary. To really mess with this Denver defense the Ravens are going to have to do a number of things well.


The Ravens have to maintain some substantial possessions to really tire the Broncos defense. That means running the ball and lots of it. And running ball is going to mean great line play (thank goodness Jared Gaither is likely to be back). But also, the Ravens are going to have to give Flacco time to throw and give him receivers to throw to (no more holding Heap in to block). Bottom line: Cam Cameron is going to have to be on his game – we need the perfect mix of smart and fun offense.


2. The Ravens can contain Brandon Marshall. No, seriously, they can. I know, I know… it sounds crazy. But the Ravens contained Randy Moss. They contained Braylon Edwards. They’ve been able to muzzle some good receivers. But only when those receivers don’t have much help. Brandon Marshall is the Broncos only great offensive threat, with their next best receiver being Jabar Gaffney. The Ravens need to double, triple, total cover Marshall and then force Kyle Orton to make other decisions. Period.


3. The Ravens need to start fast. I’ve seen some criticism of Joe Flacco and the offense for not always ‘clicking’ right when a game starts. But really, none of this team has put it together early in games. Flacco’s apparent slow starts are probably just as much a symptom of bad game planning and lots of bench time (thank you, defense) as anything else. The whole team needs to come out in this game like it decides the season… because in many ways it does. When’s the last time we saw the defense start a game with a big turnover? Where are all the turnovers this year, anyway? And when’s the last time we’ve seen the special teams be truly special and set up both the offense and defense for greatness? Put it all together, guys.


Official Prediction: The Ravens figure it out. It may not be pretty or spectacular, but it’s a win. And the home crowd has plenty to do with it. Ravens 27, Broncos 20.



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Certainly starting strong is important but nobody has been able to finish strong against the Bronco D and the Ravens have to do that Sunday. Ravens win if they can physically pound the ball in the 1st half even if it's a low scoring affair....hell, loose 'Bring the Pain' McLain. That will give them many options for the second half.



Ultimately, I think the offense will have to beat them by throwing the ball. Rice will prosper through receiving touches snd Washington should have a big game....Heap too. Touches to the playmakers is the key.

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I'd rather finish strong than start strong..Unless this defense made monumental changes during the bye week, the last thing I want to see is the Ravens nursing a 4 point with 2 minutes to go, and Denver with the ball. Our 3 losses have occured with less than 1 minute to play.

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Damned. I am glad I am not the Broncos, we are going to beat them badly. Finally we are the underdogs and they are not, that fact alone = Win! Seems to me that is going one way. We start strong and finish strong and in the rest of the time we just outplay them. And give me a lot of TOP and McGahee in the first Q, RFR (rayfuckingrice)in the second and third Q and McClain in the 4th Q.


I believe our offense gained a lot with this 14 days pause, Cams O is for real, Gaither has to be back, and Cam and Hue will play Broncos, for what they are, a team with some old and great DBs and a team with a not very good front seven unit, average at best. We will dominate Los.


As for our defense, it will be better. And again I have a hard time to see we will not dominate the LOS, oh I know they have talent but they have no idear what is coming, the hurting lion will eat them alive. We will force them to make Orton do some things he is not capable to do. And perhaps Fox and Fab will have a radar this time.. I have to believe it, or the season is over, this Chris Henry reception should have been intercepted (at least a PD) by Fox every time. And Landry and Carr I had actually some expectations for them this season, let me see that now.


Well ST should create troubles and they have the edge, time for Harbs and Rosburgh to do some miracles, or at least minimize the damage.

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I.m getting ready to go and I'm really looking forward to this game. It's a great matchup and I have this feeling the Ravens will show up today (meaning...win).


Joe Cool wil be a big factor in this game...he has to be for a Ravens victory.


Definately a statement game when you go against a 6-0 team. All the Denver stats point to shutting down the Ravens. The Ravens defensive stats say they will find a way to lose. So logic is not a factor in my feeling the Ravens will win.

Me not being logical???...imagine that! :D


No...it's just that there is too much talent and pride on this Ravens team and I think it will show today.




"I would say the most similar defense [to the Broncos] would be playing against our guys," Flacco said. "They do a lot of the things that our guys have done in the past, and I think that plays well for us because we know how to react to it."
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i felt that we were gonna win, but i thought that it would be alot closer than it was! WHAT A GREAT WIN!!! great win! i am just so happy!!! but i am concerned to, i read that nagta is hurt?!!! how bad?!!!

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