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predictions for the bengels game!


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revenge will be sweet! 34-17 ravens!!!!

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Kind of early.



I'll just say: Winner 20 Loser 14


Not sure which team gets to 20 yet.

I'm going with the over in this game. Both offenses are coming off of great performances in their last game. Of course my pick in this game in Cincinnati will be the Bengals over the Ravens in a close, very entertaining game. What else would you expect?

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35-17 Bengals


We cant beat Cinncy, Carsom Palmer owns us he's 7-3 vs the Ravens



So now it is 17-35 until we loose.


Ravens win this one, and this game is not about carsten palmer. This is all about Ravens HC against the Bungles HC, here I admit we have lost bad since forever, we win when we obviously is the better team, and loose when it is close.


In 2005 oh well, in 2006 first game we were the better team in the second game, BB pathetic, in 2007 the first game we was with no doubt the much better team in all faces, except for the mental aspect, but Billick how can your team make so many mistakes? The second game that season, seven fieldgoals..hmm. Last year well no challenge we had like 8-900 yds against 3-400 yds, two wins. Now this 14-17, lost TOP, penalties, playcall, poor finish, I give it to you Harbs with help from Cam and Mattison, and the zebras was a joke on that final drive they had, 3 suspect playcalls and the obvious not playcall on Twitter Johnson


If this game is not going to be close, we win! Somehow though I hope this game is going to be so ugly, so close and we finally end up winning in the last seconds of the game, and that the zebras finally give us a lot in that game, and all Bengals fan will think oh they are so lucky those Ravens.

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I predict we will shut down Benson, but the question is can we stop the passing game? Last time the only reason the Bengals didn't rack up 400 yards passing was because they stopped throwing it. They were getting Chad Johnson for a first whenever they wanted to.


Paging Mr. Webb, Paging Mr. Webb!


CJ, Caldwell, Henry, Coles.....We will need all secondary hands on deck for this one. You figure Webb will get in the game over Walker again this week - we started seeing him in defensive packages the week after the 1st Cinci game and I think Mattison and Harbaugh realized they needed to get him ready for round 2.


Hopefully Carr can stay on his feet this time!

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