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The season is still going but I still like to see whats out there. Some of the players that have caught my eye.


Arrelious Benn


I do have to say I am really unimpressed with the QB. This kid has to move all over to get the ball. Also the ball gets there late a lot. I have seen where they are saying he is a possession reciever. He maybe more if the ball is delivered correctly.


Damian Williams


I like his moves. He is a home run threat that we could really use. I would like to see more.

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Ronald Johnson


He was hurt before the season so does not have a full season in. I also found were he might be in the 2011 draft. He is another homerun guy. He will not be as wide open in the NFL as he has found himself in the NCAA. When he has the ball in his hands he reminds me of Ed Reed.


Brandon LaFell



I can't find a highlight package of his own but there is one with him mixed in with others. One thing I can say is he could be our very own Hines Ward. That hit is great. He is also a solid reciever.

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Don't be shocked to see Jones drafted. Ozzie has his love of the Tide. He brings them in whenever he can.



Love the hands. He catches the ball away from his body everytime. Hey Clayton learn something. Also he has power. Check out what he did to LSU at 2:30. That is so impresive. Also he is quite elusive. Check out 4:00 and letting the entire UF defensive backfield take a seat.



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Anthony McCoy



McCoy has good size. The writeups say he isn't fast but looks fast enough. I wish the video was better so I could see how he catches the ball. The writeups also say he is a very solid blocker which I do like.


Corey Wootton



Wootton looks smooth. I think he will need to develope moves in the NFL. He seems to drive right around the blocker. He lined up inside and out. Also at :25 he gets a pick in space. I do like that.

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Kristopher O'Dowd, USC C




I am reading he was hurt preseason. Maybe we can grab him low. We will need to develope a center behind Birk.



Maurkice Pouncey, Florida


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Carlton Mitchell usf WR




He will not get that open in the NFL. I do like the basics though.


Taylor Price Ohio WR





I am all over this kid. I really like him. On Monday he made a CB look foolish at Senior Bowl practice.



Shay Hodge Wr Ole Miss



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Dexter McCluster Wr Ole Miss




I think you could get rather creative with McCluster and Ray Rice on the field at the same time.



Joe Webb, QB (WR), UAB




He is at the Senior Bowl as a WR. As a project he could be quite useful. Also we could use him as the emergency QB.

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Eric Decker, WR, Minnesota






Demaryius Thomas, WR, Georgia Tech




This kid could be a huge steal. He reminds me of TO. Playing in Paul Johnsons system might lower his draft position by 2 or 3 rounds.

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