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Big Ben irked by Pittsburgh Steelers' game plan in loss


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The Pittsburgh Steelers came out of the gate doing what we expected them to do in the snow Sunday at Heinz Field.


Against the visiting Dolphins, Pittsburgh ran the ball down Miami's throat early, handing the rock to rookie Le'Veon Belleight times on the team's 12-play touchdown drive in the opening quarter. The formula worked -- so why did theSteelers drift away from it in a game they eventually lost 34-28?

"Their scheme, I don't know, there was no particular reason," quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said, before"tersely" directing reporters to offensive coordinator Todd Haley, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


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He's a habitual bus thrower underer.... The Tebowed game he royally threw his Oline under the bus.

You are so full of shit Ben takes the blame 99 percent of the time even when it wasn't him in any way shape or form.. He didn't blame the oline he said the oline had some key injuries and he missed on some plays. That game falls squarely on the shoulders of Lebeau and Ike taylor. What was Ben supposed to say in that situation he was damned no matter how he answered it. He is right though and I think that game was the final nail in Haley's coffin. He was brought here to bring back the run and right when we are rolling he goes pass happy. I also don't get why this team isnt coming out in the no huddle and staying in it. Now in this game I could see why with your 4th string center and 4th or 5th string LT in. This team will be back next year hopefully with a OC that doesn't have a massive ego and let's Ben takeover and go no huddle.

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Blaming it on injuries = my backups aren't good enough. He's a drama queen.... you said he's defending Haley.... you think those two are sitting down having a beer? He wants Haley out of there.

Wow please show me anytime Ben said it's so and so fault. Hell our kicker misses two field goals in Oakland we lose by three and Ben blames himself. And no shit he wants haley gone I got a inside connection to the steelers and everyone including coaches want him gone. Ben doesn't pass the blame and tries to answer every question as honestly as he can. At least he didn't say we'll I'm not involved in the play so I'm going to act like a little bitch and pout about it while the play is going on.
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