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It could be worse. We could be Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons fans.


Robert Griffin III (I refuse to abbreviate that) has been benched.

Kirk Cousins will start remaining games.

With or without Shannarat next year, the Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons are in trouble.

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The Griffin-Cousins fun is only beginning

As Redskins coach Mike Shanahan continues to agitate his way out of D.C. while inviting further scrutiny of a track record that includes only one playoff victory in 15 years since winning a pair of Elway-and-cap-violations-fueled Super Bowls, reports that Kirk Cousins will get the start at quarterback on Sunday is merely the first step in what could be a day full of D.C. dysfunction.

Shanahan, for example, could still change his mind about shutting Griffin down. Jay Glazer of FOX has reported that Robert Griffin III will have a chance to state his case to continue playing, an interaction that would have made much more sense before Sunday’s game plan was finalized on Tuesday.

Then comes practice followed by (based on the Tuesday media schedule released by the team) an open locker room session and press conferences from Shanahan and Griffin.

So, yeah, it’s a mess. And it will only get messier — especially if Griffin at his press conference or other players in the locker room decide to say what everyone outside the organization is thinking regarding Shanahan’s desire to provoke his firing by benching the owner’s alleged BFF.


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"The best thing to do is give him an opportunity to go into that third year injury free to get a chance to get better in the offseason," Shanahan said.

"When you take a look at a quarterback who is your franchise quarterback, he's your future. If you miss two offseasons in a row it'd be the hardest thing to recover from."


You're 12 months too late Shannahan!

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