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Who aaa someone check rooneys medication wayyyyyy to much for a part time player

that's overblown before last year he had only missed three regular season games in three years. His injuries have all been from someone rolling up on him. Also if I read correctly after this season nothing is guaranteed.
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I don't see him enough to judge for myself what kind of signing it is but you're the only the only Steeler fan I know that seems completely happy with this deal. Time will tell I guess. M

as long as he stays healthy it's a good deal. I'm fine with any deal that only haw one year with guaranteed money on it. If the cap goes up like they are predicting he won't be the highest paid center for long. I'm expecting big things out of him going forward. He broke down in tears when asked what it meant to him that the Steelers gave him this deal after an injury like that. They just showed a bunch of loyalty to him and you can tell he genuinely appreciated it. Like I said our new scheme is perfect for him and can't wait to see what happens when you give a top 5 center possibly the best oline coaches ever.
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