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Maryland Football Video

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I know.....but times have changed.... this is the kind of mutant turtle they are pulling out of the polluted bay today.

Who knows? 10 years from now, bay turtles might be big enough to battle Godzilla.


Well...we have a game at 3;30. I'll look for some signs of being physical and smashmouth.

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Goofy but whatever.


I don't like the new M and Maryland writing they've used the last few years. I love the greater use of the flag and all the colors of it; I even like the addition of the turtle design to all kinds of things (the white helmets with turtle design were very cool). But that new M just doesn't do it for me.

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South Florida has had a number of solid seasons recently - weren't they a big bowl crasher a few years ago?


Meanwhile, UMD was it's own worst enemy... but that happens to everyone from time to time. Move on with a W.

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