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Ravens want more fans at training camp- roll eyes.....


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Yeah, sure, sure, move camp out of Westminster where the college was ABLE to handle the thousands per day, where local businesses saw big gains in patrons = money, to the Castle, where they can only have and have only drawn, "hosted between 400 to 600 fans each day in 2014"..... Sure thing, what is the max they can hold even with "buying" more land (currently a park sits across the street and private home owners own the land around the palace), maybe up to 1,000, but nothing close to, either in numbers nor in intimacy, add to that, the road their palace sits on is not, will not, cannot be able to handle that much traffic flow, site lines are not good on this narrow two lane road.........




We're trying to have an atmosphere that's more akin to what we used to have in Westminster," team president Dick Cass said Monday at the NFL owners meetings.

The Ravens are planning to host about 1,000 fans this year at their facility, and could triple that number by 2016. Team officials are working with Baltimore County on re-zoning issues and the police regarding increased traffic.




:sleep: :nono:

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ILMAO - They had 10,000 fans pr day or more at Westminister.


They had the scrimmage on Fri nights which was nice and cool sitting

under the trees with guys from the old RN2 message board just

talking football. The game went from about 10,000 to 30,000 fans so they had to

move it to the stadium down town. Westminister couldn't handle the



I was at most of the practices since Ravens came here and many going

back to the Baltimore Colts,


One morning after practice and no one was there but me I was walking on

the practice field taking pics and someone behind me yelled get off that

field. It was Billick. I said sorry coach how about a pic. Security ran over to

get me out of there but took a pic of the coach and me. He signed it a

couple of years later at a Roosts bull roast.


They stopped going to Westminister during the lockout so they told the

college they couldn't do it there.




They liked it at OM so much they stayed because they kept all

their computers and equipment and what not there. They were

growing out of the hotel up there and needed more space. It

was a logistical nightmare.


But they squeezed the fans out because of traffic probs at OM

as posted above but a lot of teams are having it at the headquarters

now for the same logistical reasons but teams like the Jets built a

new $70M complex with 5.5 football fields and a mini stadium so their

fans could still come to the practices. The Giants also built a new



When I retired, it was nice. I'd get up early and get some pan cakes

at the Diner in Westminister, pluck my chair down behind the corner

of the end zone where most of the action came with my car parked

20 feet away and spent the morning there. Then I came back and

jumped in my pool.


I'd like to have a little of what they're smoking right now with the above


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