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I'm not sure whether the folks at Lindy's checked in with PressBox's annual August predictions, but their Super Bowl pick looks familiar.

Last year's Baltimore-Green Bay prediction for the title game didn't come true for Ravens Report, but Lindy's is appropriating that for this year, as it has picked the same two teams, with the Packers winning.

As far as the division picks are concerned, the Ravens are tabbed to rebound from two straight third-place finishes and win the AFC North for a fifth time in team history.

There aren't too many surprises among some of the other predictions, but Lindy's does believe the Kansas City Chiefs will contend for a playoff berth, and the Buffalo Bills will snag a wild-card spot, which would be their first postseason appearance since 1999.

In the NFC, Lindy's doesn't go far out on a limb, but its pick of the Philadelphia Eagles to win the NFC East race could be risky, given the drastic comings and goings on that team's roster.http://www.pressboxonline.com/2015/06/10/what-theyre-saying-lindys-magazine-picks-ravens-to-advance-to-super-bowl


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