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This is a put-up or shut-up season for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.


...Flacco played well enough in his debut season to help -- but not truly lead -- the Ravens to an 11-5 regular-season record and a spot in the AFC title game.....


During his second season, Flacco showed some improvement in two areas -- passing yards (3,613) and touchdown passes (21). But both marks left him muddled among mediocrity again. He threw 12 interceptions for the second consecutive season and was sacked a total of 36 times behind a relatively solid Ravens offensive line.


...With the addition of Boldin, Dickson and Pitta to the roster, while retaining both Rice and Willis McGahee to keep the rushing attack strong, the Ravens have set Flacco up for success. So his performance in 2010 will tell us a lot about whether he's truly on the path to becoming one of the NFL's elite signal-callers -- or merely a competent one





Everything is setting up perfectly for Joe to have a break out season.

I see it happening.


This is his 3rd year plus it's his 3rd year with the same OC and system.

The O line is maturing and should be very solid this year.

Joe has a great running game.


And last but not least...he has legit targets to throw to. Lots of them.

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