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As long as he can get separation I could care less about his route running. A 5th would be worth it if he can get open on short, medium, and deep patterns. How are his hands?



Inconsistan hands because of concentration. Proper route running = getting open. Speed can only do so much, unless you are playing against the Ravens secondary......... He just never took his game to the next level there in Mini and having Diggs beat him out, wow, never would have guessed that one, but Diggs has worked hard.


it is a pipe dream, I think the team is done for now, no sense loading up with receivers when they have no idea what Perriman can do in real games and if their latest additon pans out, they will need to contract him up, so you really would not need Patterson at that point... They should know over the next two games if their new hire can help this offense or not, either by how he does or by how he opens up the middle...

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