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I'm not placing any blame on Trestman, except maybe not getting the ball enough to Camp in mismatches or Forsett out of the backfield. Regardless, Trestman is working with sub-par receivers and a LT who's the WORST rated this season by PFF and it's not even close. Can't run the ball when the defense knows you're running to the right every time.


Also, it's hard to establish a run when your defense is letting other teams quickly strike through the air. Trestman has still been able to put up big offensive numbers the past two weeks. It has been on Flacco and the receivers for not executing in the red zone, leaving points on the board with poor passes and dropped catches.


We have seen Cam Cameron put up a lot less offense with better weapons.


I love Joe Flacco, but if he has one deficiency, it's he's a bad red zone QB. He can move the ball between the twenties, but once he's in the red zone for whatever reason he cannot connect. We have had a very bad red zone offense since Harbaugh has been here.


By my count we have about five plays in the red zone that should have been TDs. Good play calls but poor execution. The Smith drop against Denver, the poor pass to a wide open Smith against Oakland, a couple of under thrown fade balls to Waller and Gilmore.

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Simple scope would put him back on the field in weeks, they're saying he's out indefinitely.

I doubt Harbaugh tells us anything, but if the Ravens put Perriman on IR we'll know for sure.


I remember when Jonathan Schoop sprained his PCL this season the O's were adamant on not rushing for fear of the ligament tearing and losing him for a longer period of time due to surgery. Schoop was out from mid-April to mid-July with his sprain and no surgery.

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It's too late. The Ravens have to find ways to win with the team that they have this year. They still have a ton of talent and the right coaching can find a way to do damage with this roster.

This season is not over.

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@jeffzrebiecsun: John Harbaugh says pregame that Perriman had his knee scoped this morning. Harbaugh says that they found no new damage.


@jeffzrebiecsun: Harbaugh said that it's just healing very slow. Called it a matter of time before Perriman returns.


@jeffzrebiecsun: Harbaugh in WBAL interview: "Were a little surprised to say the least, that its healing this slowly but thats what its doing"


@jeffzrebiecsun: More Harbaugh: "The injection with the stem cells, that should help a little bit too, but its going to be a little bit of time."


@ProFootballDoc: Stem cells imply the need for healing. Not likely to be ready in 2 weeks like from some quick scopes. #Perriman https://t.co/4wczfHuiKn


One Twitter user had an interesting POV


@Thegoldman410: @jeffzrebiecsun Jeff settle down. I'm telling you from a medical perspective that his disease has chronic inflammation in the knee. Relax

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Answer my own question:


Campy placed on IR ravens trade for Chris givens from The Rams




Dude can move, 4.35 or better. Has the quicks you like, career stats 88 catches, 1433 yards, 16 average per play, 4 tds, most of this catches came his rookie year. This a good move, young, hungry receiver with something to prove. He was jjust burried on the depth chart.,

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Wasn't Camps hit of the same nature?



I didn't see his hit, I think it was a shoulder though. Smith sr was speared, point of the helmet directly into the back. That is why he was so upset, some pundits thought he was mad about the hit, when he was mad about the type of hit.

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