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It is what it is and it's going to work


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Joe will find a way.

That is...Joe, Trestman, his O line and Forsett and the no name new guys.

They will find a way to come together and get it done. :gorave:




Trestman and coach John Harbaugh were adamant during the week that it's not all on Flacco.

"His job is to do his job, right?" Harbaugh said. "That's where you have to believe in one another. You have to trust in what guys are doing. You have to trust in the work that you put in. It's those guys' jobs to be where they're supposed to be, running the route the way they're supposed to run it and make the play. That's never going to change. And it's Joe's job to go through his reads, progressions, footwork and put the ball where he's supposed to put it, which Joe does a good job of. I don't care who's on the field — what they're doing — it's about executing your offense, and we're fully capable of doing that."

Trailing the Steelers in the fourth quarter last week in a game the Ravens needed to win to avoid falling to 0-4, Flacco was forced to lead the game-tying drive with only three healthy receivers — Aiken, Brown and Waller — and with the two rookie tight ends. Waller had heard about how calm Flacco was in the huddle in key moments, but the rookie still marveled at the quarterback's demeanor when given a chance to experience it at Heinz Field.

Flacco said he looked his receivers in the eyes and wanted to make sure they knew that he had faith in them and he would be coming to them if they got open.

"That's part of being a leader, being the guy that people look to and making everybody around you better," Flacco said. "You can't go out there and force that. You just have to go play your game and stuff like that will happen. I don't look at it any way. I look at it as, just going out there and trying to find a way to get us wins. It's always been my job to go out there and lead the team and do whatever I have to do to pull us through." http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/bs-sp-ravens-joe-flacco-elite-1011-20151009-story.html



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