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X-Ravens Not Living Up to Their Deals


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I knew Smith's numbers would flop. Few QB's can throw deep like Joe.




When Jacoby Jones was released by the Chargers this week, it continued a trend of ex-Baltimore Ravens not living up to expectations after signing sizable deals in the offseason. The Chargers gave Jones $1.6 million guaranteed, and he gave them no catches and minus-four yards on punt returns. Jones was claimed by the AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday (insert your trip jokes here).

Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata, wide receiver Torrey Smith and tight end Owen Daniels also have been disappointments with their new teams. http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/23383/ex-ravens-such-as-haloti-ngata-and-torrey-smith-not-living-up-to-deals



Looks Like McPhee is the only one playing at a high level.

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Jones was done 2 yrs ago. Torrey didn't just start maturing suddenly. The Ravens were right to let each walk. They should not have given JJ that deal last yr.

Yea let them all fucking walk, just gives you and your homeys more ammo against Joe.


Nobody does well when they leave the Ravens. We should see a drop in that this year, we have the 28th ranked d, teams aren't going to be staked out at our defensive players doors come free agency day.

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Q has still be solid in SF. Honestly he has played well much longer than I would have thought. Looking at him shows me that playing with Joe hurt his production.

He got a super bowl ring, how did that hurt his production. And it wasn't because of the defense.

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