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Rams, Keenum Concussion


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Yeah - had that immediate thought about the movie too. I am curious, though, that it seems like the movie uses NFL logos and such ... so I assume there had to be some cooperation?


But I have heard it is an incredibly damning look at them and not helpful. Several articles say it will be the start of the league's slide... add to that the Gifford news among many others and CTE...

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This is interesting. Maybe the concessions allowed for the logo use.





“Concussion” takes on the NFL in a big way. So how did the producers get the rights to NFL logos, footage, images? The answer: they didn’t. “Sony did a remarkable thing. They got righteous and aggressive said, God dammit, If they want to sue us they can. If they sued that would be a good story in itself,” says Landesman. “We got to show how beautiful the game is. We want people to walk out [and think about football] it’s beautiful and it will kill you.”
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