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Great running game and Schaub was OK too


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Ravens were down to their 3rd and 4th RBs after their #1 and #2 guys were out and

they done good.


Terrance West was just picked up after being drafted and released by Clowns and had

over 30 yards while Allen had around 80. Both caught the ball.


Schaub did much better than he's done in years spraying the ball around to his backs

and TEs on short passes but hit a couple of long ones.


Aiken had a big night for 80 yds receiving.


Special teams won it at the buzzer with a block kick for 6 pts. Tucker made his FGs.



Great night for the most battered team in football. On the down side they just lost the

2d spot in the draft and Bosa, the best pass rusher in the draft.

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Not worried where we draft, on to Miami where I expect another win, the the NFL did us great justice flexing the Seattle game to a one o'clock game.


And as far as schaub went, yea he spread it around but then he put on his Vinny Shaub cape and made an appearance.

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The running game was very good but they still threw it 34 times compared to 24 runs. 4.5 ypc. Trestman needs to get it closer to 50/50 with Schaub at QB.


Schaub did throw some really nice passes so there is some hope there.

And Jernigan? He's an assassin. He reminded me of how powerful and explosive Sam Adams was. If he hit you with a head of steam, you were done....for a long while.

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The running game- w/Allen and West - was good and could be very good better if given the chance. We abandon the run too often, too soon.

With Schaub's propensity for pick 6's, they should have tried running the ball on that last drive. Allen & West were just getting in a groove.

As Max eluded, a 50/50 run/pass mix is needed for here on out for Schaub.


Jernigan and Williams look stout on the DL. Throw in a few others- say Urban- and add a pass rusher, via FA and draft, we might have something up front.

Then focus on the LBs and secondary.

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Personally I thought Shaub was pretty bad last night. He seemed very inaccurate on the intermediate routes, over throwing some, missing right or left on others. He only took 1 shot downfield and that ball was extremely under thrown. We were lucky that Givens still made the play. It's possible that his receivers weren't in the right places or there were just timing and miscommunication issues. I guess we will see as time progresses

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One word of caution on the running game.

The Browns have one of the worst rushing defenses in the NFL.

Let's see how the Ravens RB's keep performing.


I advise caution on evaluating anything about the Ravens offense from last nights game.

It was against the Browns.


It really was 2 preseason, 2nd team units battling it out.

That's why it was fun to watch, close and entertaining.

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