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Does Andy wear his wedding ring while playing


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Did you see what happened to Jimmy Fallon?

No I did not. Jimmy Fallon is way down on my "Give A F**k" list. He makes me miss Jay Leno, who made me miss Johnny Carson.

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I feel like I have seen a handful of NFL players with them on... but I'd have to think about who I am recalling.


Meanwhile, it is stupid. It's not even the 'getting it caught' aspect... a really bad jammed finger (quite likely in most sports) can lead to some bad results with wedding rings. I know a guy who had to have his surgically removed in the hospital after taking a baseball off his ring finger in a game. Not pretty.

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As a retired UPS guy, I stopped wearing mine in 1990 when a coworker got his finger caught on the shelving in the truck as he was exiting the truck, yes it peeled his skin back an inch, but the worst part was the way it broke his ring finger, pretty gross sight.

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