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LOL - HARBs says he's not going to Philly


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Some beat reporter up there tweeted that HARBs might be interested in the job since Chip

has been fired and HARBs has a lot of contacts there and with the Ravens on the down

side but HARBs said it's not even part of the conversation. He told the guy twice there is

no conversation.


Finally, he apologized to Eagles fans and said he sent the tweet by mistake.


Another LOL.


I wouldn't be upset if he got that or another job. They can have him.



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Chip Kelly? Only kidding.


I dunno but they said same thing about Billick when we wanted to off him.


Billick started off with a bang winning the SB but it was down hill after that til he lost the team

in 07 and then to CAM so that doomed him.


HARBs won a SB but hasn't been that great a coach like with what Tim said on the other

thread, tons of probs with time management, challenging and other things that cost us

important games.


HARBs would be out of football a long time ago if he went to Buff or DET or Miami, a grave yard

of coaches but those dudes never had Ozzie feeding them talent and both Billick and HARBs

kept Ozzie from getting more rings by blowing the playoffs with all the talent he gave them.


Billick would have won SB Indy got if he had just run Jamal in the 2d half who begged him to

saying he could beat their out side linebacker. Instead he kept throwing and we lost the game with

McNair's pick at the end. The entire Indy team knew where the ball was going and even left

DEM WILLs alone in the end zone knowing the ball would be no where near him but the fans in

the stands kept saying DEM WILLs was all alone, he was all alone. LOL.


HARBs blew the Billy Goat SB for Ozzie with all that confusion on the side line and not telling

Lee Evans to secure the ball after catching it. There were other games he should have won

like the one in Pissburgh when Jen connected on 3rd and 19 with the WR holding on to the

ball with one hand vs the side of his head as he ran out of bounds. The Squeelers SB vs Arizona

was our SB.


Coaches get stale after 8 or 9 years and you need a new one. Same thing happened to Shula

here after arriving with a bang in 63 and then blowing SB 3 in 68 and he was gone in 69. He would

have been run out of Miami a lot sooner if he didn't have Marino all those years but never won

the SB with him.


After 8 or 9 years you new a fresh face but some owners like Carroll Rosenbloom of the old Colts

and Bisciotti have a knack for finding guys - HARBs off the special teams scrap pile and Rosey

got Shula after Gino Marchetti recommended him. DET beat Colts twice that year and Shula's

finger prints were all over their victories. He called Shula who was the d-coord with DET

and asked if he was interested and he said hell yea. Rosey said you've been recommended.

Shula didn't know who recommended til he got here and made Gino a player coach.


Rosey also scored again in LA hiring Chuck Knox as head coach of Rams.


Bisciotti would find someone good if he's finished with HARBs. He almost was the last time

HARBs missed the playoffs.


Here's Knox's stats. He was 12-2 with Rams couple of times and 10-4 the rest. Not too shabby.

He had mostly winning seasons in Seattle. No SB rings but he didn't have Ozzzie feeding

him talent either like HARBs.



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Harbaugh is a good coach who doesn't deserve to be fired for this season nor did he cost us any other super bowl. I don't love him or think he is great, but I know he's fine a good job and I'm sure he is likely better than a random replacement.


What do you think HARBs is an acronym for or are you just capitalizing it for fun?


Who cares what owners and coaches did 40 years ago, its a completly different game. Besides Harbaugh is as good of a coach a Knox ever was.

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Just capitalizing it for fun. They asked me that on the other board but since then

I've seen the Ravens site to capitalize it. I know they read these boards so maybe

the picked it up from me-lol.


Yea, you're right. HARBs best year was winning the SB because we lost all those

games, then he fired CAM, replaced him with Caldwell who moved Oher back to RT,

KO back to LG and inserted Fat Mac to LT and all they did was win after that but hes

been down hill since.


I don't have a clue but there's some good ones out there. Nobody heard of HARBs

when we got him.

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I don't really agree that people were saying "who's there?" when Billick was canned. And he had a longer grace period post Super Bowl.


I'm in Spens camp. Not saying Harbs is anything incredibly special, but just can't see the "failure" that some others see as being his to own. And can't see us getting lucky in another shot in the dark replacement - haven't we all been complaining about the FOs inability to scout talent the last five years?

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Jimmy was hinting before the season that PAGs might go because he missed a year

because of leukemia or something - nice guy - and hasn't shown much, like going to the SB.

ESPN had him at the top of the list for getting fired.


HARBs wasn't on it. I don't hate him, just don't like him. I gave him credit above for going to th

SB and winning it after firing CAM but he's done nothing since. Biscut will probably fire Pees

and maybe Trestman but he hasn't been here long enough. HARBs probably gets one

more chance - maybe.

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Hard to say "done nothing since" - we had a pretty darn solid 2014 campaign... ?


Meanwhile, Harbaugh and Trest will both get another chance with no question, at the very least because of injury this year. Pees really does have to go though.

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A pretty good 2014 season filled with some easy teams. Ravens still should

have won the NE playoff game.

I guess we just have different visions of both acceptable performance and a coach's blame... Not sure how Harbs cost us that NE game.

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His defense blew two leads of two TDs in Foxboro in February. As banged up as they

were and picked on with

cheating, bending of the rules and trickery from the best QB in the game, Ravens still

should have won. There was

also Joe's pick that ended the game with Torrey Smith wide open. Had he thrown

outside of the hash mark it would have been a TD.


Fans still blame Torrey for not taking the ball away from the defender after Joe threw the

ball directly to him. Joe was throwing to a spot and Torrey was no were near it.


Again, it's on all coaching, same as Billick calling for McNair to throw in the pick

and the Lee Evans drop. Someone forgot to tell him how to secure the football after

catching it.


Those were our two SBs and a couple of more giving Ozzie more rings that he doesnt have

because the coaches blew the playoffs with all the talent he gave the.

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I guess we just have different visions of both acceptable performance and a coach's blame... Not sure how Harbs cost us that NE game.

Winning is so hard in the NFL (and other leagues). Its amazing how often people pull out 'shoulda wons' or 'woulda wons' when bringing up games we lost. Plus if we had won the game in NE years ago of course the team woulda won the super bowl and won again the next year. The only things that change are what we want to have changed, miraculously everything else stays the same.

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