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Bothered by the Ravens Hype?


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I am. I'm talking about the high, national, pre season rankings. #3 in the power polls...being picked to make and win the Super Bowl...Wilkenson saying the Ravens will have the best offense in the AFC North.


It's nice to get some respect and they have had a great 2010 off season, but they do better as underdogs. This team does not do well when their heads are fat.


The Bullseye is on the Ravens in the AFC North. It should be on the Bengals who are not getting the respect they deserve. They are a very solid and balanced team. They'll be pissed but they also get to 'fly under the radar'.

The Stealers are way under the radar. Why I'm not worried about them this year puzzles me. Perhaps because the face of their franchise has just been voted as the 3rd most hated main in sports.


This is a new season and the slate is clear once again....meaning the Ravens will have to prove they can win on the road, defeat teams with winning records, defeat playoff caliber teams. The first 2 games will tell us if the 2010 Ravens are capable of that....both road games too.


They have to win their divisional games because it's a strong AFC this year. Winning the Division is the best path to the playoffs and perhaps the Super Bowl. 9-7 won't get them in this year. 10-6 might not either.


They haven't been able to beat the Bengals for a while now...Palmer does have their number. Last years losses were not as close as the score indicated IMO.


So the hype has me worried some because I believe you have to earn it and most of this is 'on paper' hype.



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yeah really, lets step out there and be cocky!


Really dobr care about what some news guy think what we are, I am sure the team doesnt either. I want to hear some talk. I want to kick some ass and tell this is what you get if you want to play.


We are a whole team at this point. Lets show off.

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After commenting on our SB season of 2000, Max, I would actually prefer to be "off" the radar screen. The Bengals are the reigning AFCN champs and in my mind are still champs until they get knocked off. The Bengals improved themselves in the offseason and will be very solid this year. They should be rated ahead of us.


Bottom line: I would rather us be "the hunter" like we were in the 2000 season, instead of "the hunted". Dont forget we open with the Jets and Bengals on the road. We could very possibly be looking at 0-2 to start the season. Not expecting it but it could happen. Just saying.

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