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Ravens Cap Killing Deals


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At the time, it seemed as though the Baltimore Ravens were making the right decision when they extended the contract of defensive back Lardarius Webb and gave new deals to keep offensive tackle Eugene Monroe and tight end Dennis Pitta.

Now all three of those contracts fall in the category of buyer's remorse. Those deals rival Joe Flacco's monstrous cap number as the reasons Baltimore has the second-worst cap situation in the NFL.

According to the ESPN roster management system, the Ravens have only $6.1 million in cap space, and that's before the team uses the franchise tag on kicker Justin Tucker ($4.5 million) and places a second-round tender on restricted free agent Kamar Aiken ($2.5 million). Only the Buffalo Bills, who currently are over the projected $154 million cap, are in a worse situation....http://espn.go.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/25772/three-disappointing-contracts-have-put-ravens-in-nfls-second-worst-cap-situation



Webb, Monroe and Pitta count a total of $25.9 million against the cap, or 16.8 percent of Baltimore's entire cap. In comparison, Flacco's $28.55 million cap number represents 18.5 percent of the Ravens' cap.

And they got nothing on the Ray Rice deal.

Conclusion: Sorry. Bad CAP management.


You can't pay a guy free agent super star money when they are not that.

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Thanks for the article oldno82. Surprising that Eisenberg put that up considering he writes for the Ravens. I like his material.

Way back when this deal was done all of us were scratching our heads. To me it looked like the Ravens would hit a point where they were forced to get rid of Joe.....or....this deal would kill the team along with some front office heads.

Joe wants to be a Raven. Well...he's going to have to pay a lot to be one. He's going to have to give up a lot of money.

I don't know of an athlete who gave up the amount of money that Joe is faced with for the Ravens to field a competitive team.

He'd be a first and the players union would certainly frown on it. Other players too.


Bad Cap management here. Everybody's sitting in an uncomfortable and bad seat.

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And they got nothing on the Ray Rice deal.

Conclusion: Sorry. Bad CAP management.


But great for winning Super Bowls and only injuries kept him from winning the last two.

Ozzie has more than just about anyone this side of Bellicheat who cheats to gets his.


Ravens have one of the best capologists in NFL who goes back to the Browns franchise but

Bisciotti orders Ozzie to spend close to the ceiling. You have to if you want to get into the POs

every year as Bisciotti wants.


Take Buffalo. They are worse in CAP space and are projected to go over the $154M limit this

year. Ravens currently are about $6M under the ceiling, 2d worse but have more SB trophies

and playoff experiences than Buffalo and about 25 other teams.


It's like I always say when people said how can you afford a car like that or how can you

afford a computer when I was the first one in the office to buy one. I say, it's not how much you

have but what you do with what you do have.


Bisciotti paid around $600M for the Ravens and it's now worth over $1B in 16 years.


That's pretty good money management for an owner who spends to the ceiling every year

and has a ton of trophies and rings in his short career as owner.


There's always Buffalo for you. Say hello to Rex for me VMAX.

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They cheat a lot as indicated when Brady was booed out of the SB in San Francisco

last week and the only reason they have more trophies is because they're in an easy

candy bar division with no competition and still didn't win the SB this year with all

their spending.


Ravens have beaten NE in Foxboro in February more than any other team and would have

last year if NE hadn't cheated, bend the rules and use some trickery vs a banged up secondary

and CB that wasn't even playing football two weeks before. That's another SB they

stole from us.


They couldn't win with smash mouth football.

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