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Ravens #1 Off Season Priority


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I thought this was a thread on what we need during the draft or free agent signing period. LOL


But since I wasted 6 seconds of my life which I can never get back reading it, how about





Actually, they need some better looking cheer leaders. Im serious man. Some of them

stopped by our water hole during the season and they were down right ugly compared

to a lot of teams.



The female bar tenders and waitresses from Looneys are far better and they even include

former dancers from Vegas with nice long thighs and blonde

hair. The gal with the big boobs works the front of the bar every night and those boobs have

sold a lot of drinks. When she reaches down to grab a beer all eyes drop. They even wear

the same attire as the Ravens cheer leaders but show even more cleavage and thighs. Sitting

at the bar is like being at a strip joint, minus the lap dance but if you're patient you'll get one

of those too.


When I wanted to see more cleavage one she said, I'm exposing a lot of thighs and I know you love them

the way your stare at them all the time T. LOL - She didnt know it but I knew she was staring at my

big chest and muscles thru her cams from the office which I got from my good source that was never



Yup, they definitely need some new cheer leaders and all the gals at Looneys are gorgeous.

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Love it. You're right on....



Baltimore is putting its money where its mouth is, offering Osemele a deal that would, according to multiple reports, make Osemele the second-highest paid offensive player on the team behind quarterback Joe Flacco.

Now it’s just a matter of whether Osemele will accept.


The tone is set in the trenches and the game is won in the trenches.

Both Ravens SB teams had big nasty lines.

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And VMAX and SMURF will be the first one whining about the CAP.


This is what I said on the other thread, this is how you win SB and get those big defensive

lines and the best LT.


As I mentioned, Bisciotti orders Oz to spend close to the ceiling to put the best team on the

field and only NE has won more SB in the last 15 years.


Elsewhere, Joe is still in contract negotiations.

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