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High Expectations for Ravens Offense


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Not from the media but from the organization.....




Expectations are high for Trestman and the offense going into the 2016 season. Flacco is expected to return at the start of training camp after recovering from last year’s torn ACL, and the Ravens have invested significant resources to add players at left tackle, wide receiver and tight end. General Manager Ozzie Newsome said during an offseason press conference that this might be the most talent the Ravens have ever put around Flacco.

With a quarterback in his prime surrounded by playmaking threats, the Ravens hope to take a major leap in Trestman’s second season.

“I’m excited about where we’re going offensively,” Harbaugh said. “I think we’re going to be really well-coached. We just have to build execution out here. We just have to come out here, get good, take care of our business and get good at what we’re doing.”...http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Offense-In-Much-Better-Shape-In-Year-2-Under-Marc-Trestman/94df956b-43d6-4f68-b2ba-78bcd5aeaf9c


You never know. The O's offseason drew a yawn from the media and look where they are at.



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We're only one month before camp. It's been a long offseason and I'm excited to see what team is going to show up.

If Joe wasn't coming off an ACL tear, I'd be feeling pretty content with the offense.


Joe is going to be fine. Everybody seems to be forgetting the fact that the Ravens led the NFL in injuries and IR's last year. I agree with Max. This offense can be potent this year. Last year, our problem area, beside injuries, was the defensive backfield. All indicators point to the fact that this area has been corrected and they will have a very good year. Last years last five games, I believe we were a top 10 D. They may be a little slow out of the gate, but this horse is going to finish big time. I can't wait. We have to win 4 out of 6 in the division this year.

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As always, the offense will only do well if Flacco is comfortable. By that I mean he needs to be able to surevy the field and not feel ( real or perceived) threatened or rushed or under pressure.

We have the receivers to be successful, with or without Perriman, IMO.


That said, a helluva lot hinges upon the rooke LT playing

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Joe did well in Kubs WCO. That left side scares me with Joe doing 6 step drops. I'm guessing with our large TE corps they do some quick curl/out routes to get the ball out fast. Go deep with Wallace on a few plays to keep the safeties out of the box.

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