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NFL’s truth when it comes to fans


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You have to read this article...





After moving to Los Angeles last year, the value of the Rams doubled. They were the 28th most valuable franchise in the NFL — now they’re No. 6.

You can expect the same jump to happen for the Chargers, and that’s good for the NFL as a whole.

The Chargers’ move will also allow the NFL to focus its attention on landing the Raiders a new stadium, whether that be in Oakland, Las Vegas, Mexico City, London, San Antonio, or Boise.

Someone will cough up the cash necessary to house the Raiders, and that franchise’s value will balloon as well...

Another win for the NFL, which could then help the Buffalo Bills threaten to move to Toronto or San Antonio or Shanghai — whatever city will build a new stadium for free and allow the team to keep the billions the new digs will make them.

Build the stadium — it doesn’t matter whether they actually come.

The NFL really doesn’t need people in the stands for anything but optics. Fan money doesn’t add up, corporate dollars do — and with the way the NFL and its teams do business, that corporate cash is going to be rolling in for decades.

So as long as millions of people tune into games every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, the NFL and its teams will continue to see multi-billion-dollar team values annually increase by an average of 10 percent.

Oh, and if you want to pay $100 to sit and watch just one game for three-and-a-half hours, you can do that too — the NFL certainly isn’t adverse to taking your pocket change. Buy a sweatshirt while you’re at it....http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/san-diego-chargers-los-angeles-move-relocation-011217


Everybody is moving teams and Art Model remains a villain.

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t if there’s anything that has become clear in all of these money grabs – and stay strong, Oakland, because you’re next – it’s that teams really don’t give a damn about their fans. So long as there are suckers in another town so blinded by the prospect of having a professional franchise that they don’t read the fine print, teams will view their fans as little more than lines on a balance sheet.....http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/nancy-armour/2017/01/12/san-diego-chargers-los-angeles-relocate/96493552/

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