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I'm kicking myself


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Every season I give one game to my brother. This year I thought "Bills"????...that should be a laffer. I didn't know about the 2000 team comming to town.


It's killing me not being there.


There has been a ton of great articles on the Sun about them...real good reads. I'm with Preston on the 2000 playoff game as my favorite.

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Guest BallTMore

Before heading out to the stadium, I foolishly stated that the Ravens home games have been pretty boring. The competition hasn't been great and the fans have been pretty lack-luster this year. Didn't think this one would be any different. Wrong.



The 2000 team celebration was amazing! I was like a little kid pointing out all my favorite old players. "There's JO! Where's Stover? THERE HE IS! Boulware is here too! Jamie Sharper! And Jamal! " I was freaking out.


The 2000 team led the Ravens out of the tunnel and the place went nuts! Combine that with Reed coming out of the tunnel and Ray doing his dance! Doesn't get any better. It was fun to see the 2000 team watch Ray dance too. They love it just as much as the fans. I bet all those players wanted to find a helmet and pads Sunday.


The halftime celebration was awesome, too. Stover got a big ovation, as did Dilfer. The crowed erupted for Jamal and J.O.. Then you had the GOOOOOSE chant.


Ozzie stepped to the mic and was interrupted by chants of "Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!"


Just awesome.

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