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Where the Ravens Should Go from Here


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Glad you put this up.

I too,.... :fishin: .... found myself agreeing with most of it.


Who can argue with this?....


Receiver: Except for the Cleveland Browns, the Ravens had possibly the worst group of receivers in the NFL. They didn’t have a possession or a go-to receiver. Fortunately, the Ravens might lose most of this group. Mike Wallace and tight end Benjamin Watson are free agents, with Watson likely to retire. The Ravens will probably cut veteran Jeremy Maclin. That leaves Breshad Perriman and Chris Moore as the top guys. That’s not good. :nono:


The cupboard Is bare at WR. Kind of like the Orioles starting rotation.


Jefferson and Weddle are...ok...that's about it. They can't cover or break up plays against good receivers. They lose that battle.



Flacco has one, maybe two years remaining


Are you sure Mikey?

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Maybe they shouldn't go WR at #16....



Of the 13 receivers taken in the first round since 2015, the Raiders’ Amari Cooper is the only one to make a Pro Bowl. I’m not sure it’s a bad thing that there might not be a worthy receiver to take if the Ravens stay in the 16th slot....http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/ravens-insider/bs-sp-ravens-news-notes-gm-20180213-story.html


Here's a little hope....


I probably say and write some version of this every year at this time, but if four quarterbacks — Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Mayfield and Josh Allen — go within the top 15 picks, and that seems like a possibility, you’d have to like the Ravens’ chances of landing a player who normally wouldn’t be around at pick 16.

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