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Possible New PI rule and catch rule


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Bravo, it should be 15 yards and I hope one day they change the defensive holding from an automatic first down to just the yards... But....





The NFL is reportedly looking at implementing a number of rule changes, some expected (clarifying the catch rule) and some not so.


One of the surprising proposals offered by the NFL Competition Committee is to change the penalty for defensive pass interference from a spot foul to a 15-yard penalty at most, NFL Network's Judy Battista reported Tuesday. This is more in line with how the game is refereed on the collegiate level.


Changing the pass interference penalty is on its face a defense-first measure. Offenses would have far less to gain by "chucking it up" to try and draw a penalty from a grabby defensive back downfield.


Battista reported the committee is also looking at potentially eliminating the "going to the ground" portion of the catch rule in attempt to clarify, changing the targeting rule and emphasizing more ejections for fighting.


"We are going to figure it out," said Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice president and competition committee member, in regard to the catch rule. "I do think we'll make some improvements that our fans, and in general, people will appreciate when it's all said and done."

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PI should remain at spot of foul...otherwise it will just encourage more holding, grabbing, etc. on deep balls.

Defensive holding---if you lessen the foul you'll just see even more penalties than they have today.


They are supposedly working on the catch rule now---early indications are if you hit the ground and lose a caught ball it will still count as a completion. Not sure how I feel about that one.

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Holding is holding, pi is pi, holding is 10 yards, pi currently a spot foul. It is holding if the ball is not in the air, supposedly....



Yep, make it a yardage penalty and there will be more of it, like in college, im ok with that....


They claim they will have more emphasis on the hand fighting this year; mkay sure you will....

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