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Matt Ryan was almost a Raven


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Before the 2008 draft, when I was in Atlanta for the drafting of Ryan, the Rams and Ravens were persistent in trying to move up to pick Ryan. Baltimore couldn't, and then picked Flacco over Chad Henne. That, however, wasn't the real threat to Ryan being a Falcon and not a Raven. This was.


On the morning of the draft, Baltimore's Ozzie Newsome offered St. Louis, picking above Atlanta, picks in the first, second and fourth rounds in 2008 and third round in 2009 for the Rams' top choice. Baltimore would have taken Ryan. Atlanta would have taken defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, who's been a disappointment. Baltimore would have gotten Ryan, but would then have missed getting Ray Rice in the second round. So believe me, Atlanta's happy Baltimore didn't make the deal, and Baltimore's happy the Rams didn't take the deal. Baltimore has Flacco and Rice. Atlanta has Ryan. Both teams are living happily ever after.




Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/peter_king/11/09/week9/index.html?eref=sihp#ixzz14sY31J00

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Wow a first, second and fourth rounder and a next year third rounder? I mean Matt Ryan was a great QB prospect, but that kind of trade sets back your team two years. That definitely does not sound like Ozzie's style. The real question is, what the heck was St. Louis thinking not making this trade? Like Peter King said things worked out best for both the Falcons and us, while the Rams end up with a relatively average player in Chris Long and the Chiefs end up with a disappointment in Glenn Dorsey.

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They are almost the same guy...


Career comparison of the NFL's young guns


Quarterback Team.. G/GS Yards TD INT Rate

Matt Ryan Falcons. 38/38 8,305 51 30 85.7

Joe Flacco Ravens. 40/40 8,501 47 30 85.8

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