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let us hope Eric learned a lesson

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This is from the same article as the wide receiver discussion, while the author doesn't go as far as I will, it is a nice snippet of "evidence" that seems to be, have been a reoccurring issue with this front office.


Yes, I am sure every team can say they had a player they targeted taken right before their pick, however...


Ravens assistant general manager Eric DeCosta acknowledged that there were a few times during the draft when he got angrier than usual because a player the team was targeting was taken within a handful of picks in front of them.


He didnt offer any specifics, but I think we can assume James Washington was one of the examples. The Oklahoma State receiver, known for his big-play ability, was one of the players the Ravens hoped would be available when they acquired the first pick of the third round.


But he was taken five picks before the Ravens were on the clock, by the Pittsburgh Steelers nonetheless. The Ravens then traded out of the slot.

I wonder, was he over ruled by Ozzy and "forced" to trade down or was it essentially business as usual, running into traffic to pick up a penny? There is no,as we talked about on draft day, monetary difference to pick a player in rd 3 rather than rd 2.


The Ravens are left to hope that it wont bite them badly, as it did in 2010, when they chose offensive lineman Ramon Harewood in the sixth round one spot ahead of where the Steelers got Antonio Brown, or it did last year, when the Ravens selected outside linebacker Tyus Bowser in the second round, bypassing receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, who went to the Steelers 15 picks later.

Quite the trend, are the Ravens, as the Biscuit eluded to in one of the pressers pre draft, still under valuing players?


Why wait if the player you are targeting is not only there for value, but also for a position of need?


) My understanding is the running back the Ravens hoped to get in the draft was Miamis Mark Walton, but he was taken by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 12th pick of the fourth round, six spots ahead of where the Ravens selected cornerback Anthony Averett.

So it happened again & again this draft, who is to blame?


This is not to say for certain the players in previous drafts that the Ravens "just missed getting" would have turned out the same, but there is a good chance they would.


Only time will tell if the players missed out on because they traded back will be true difference makers, but that is not the point.


The point is still, that it keeps happening even when Ozzy knows his day is cpming to step away.


This snippet really speaks volumes-

5) In relation to the previous thought, I do think the Ravens made an effort to trade a few of their late-round picks to either move up in earlier rounds or to collect picks for future drafts. But it sounds as if there were no takers. I totally get the idea of moving back and collecting more picks, but it seems kind of pointless if the picks are in the sixth or seventh round. Just not a whole lot of value there.

Really? I believe Jeff, he is a good writer, pays close attentipn to the team well. But what kind or moron trades out & out, down to the 6th & 7th and then tries to trade back up for players they, you guessed it, under valued?


If they had ranked them properly they would not have missed out or moved out to get a better value on them in the first place.


I hope Eric learned his lesson, I hope 1 or 2 of the 12 drafted players turns out and the Ravens, us fans don't look back and see how badly the front office missed, or how well the players the Ravens under valued who were taken by others could have changed this team....





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Yep, the ‘value’ pick can be overdone. As much as I like Hayden Hurst I would have felt that Moore, Ridley, or a bit later, Washington would have been a bigger impact thing.


Gotta be honest though, I think the Ravens picked several guys with real potential. I just hope we can coach them up.

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