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New NFL unis


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Ah no I don't think so. Nike won the contract so they start making them in 2011. They said they would make changes. I just didn't expect this.




The company also plans to bring to the NFL its Pro Combat uniforms, which it now provides to college teams, Denson said. The uniforms are lightweight with a fitted, superhero look, the company said in a statement last month.


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Reebok has the contract curently. Nike wouldn't be able to go grab players tomodel the new stuff. After the season that would change I would think.

Well I know that. I was talking about the pictures as a whole, not just that the models aren't real.


The uniforms are fake. They have no connection to the NFL and were made by a teenager (I assume). It shouldn't take a lot of evidence or explanation to prove that.

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Guest BallTMore

I like a lot of them (including the Ravens jersey) and also hate a lot of them. Alas I have also heard they are fake.




Nike stated they have nothing to do with these mock-ups.


This was discussed on PTI today. Both Tony and Bill believed this could have been "leaked" by Nike to gauge fan interest. If fans hate it, they could deny it with no problem. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I could buy into that.


I wouldn't be opposed to a uniform overhaul, but they would need to do a better job on the Ravens for me to like it. I think ours looks like a kids jersey. They rainbow flag sleeve is perfect for the Steelers, though.

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And these are not unprofesional and childish.


People have been critical of what Nike has done with the Oregon unis for years.
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