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Breaking Up with the NFL

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I think I'm done.

I boycotted the NFL last year and I didn't miss it.


I didn't miss the pre-game shows, the half-time shows, or the final analysis shows.

I didn't miss fantasy football.

I didn't miss the tailgating.

I didn't miss the games themselves.

I didn't miss the offense, the defense, the special teams.

I didn't miss cheering on the home team.

I didn't miss the media coverage.

I didn't miss talking with friends about the game.

I didn't miss the radio talk shows breaking down the games.

I didn't miss the Super Bowl or the commercials.

I didn't miss the draft.


I didn't miss football.


I've been on the Baltimore Ravens waiting list since it's inception in 2004. 14 years.

Fourteen years of waiting with an expected wait time of 20 years.

I started at number 900 and something.

I'm at 200 and something now.

I paid my renewal fees in October, but I didn't miss football.


I'm pulling the plug.

I'm done.


I won't miss football.


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I love the college game. I used to love the NFL game so much that nothing could keep me from watching or going, not a birthday, not a wedding, nothing. I even had 4 blogs/ columns about the team, the league, went to every training camp when they allowed fans....


But as we have talked about for a few years now, the changes the leqgue is making, from game play to league rules, yes, I even studied the CBA and salary cap, that now if there is a decent movie or show on, if church runs long or has a gathering afterward, I have no problem missing a game.


I don't watch the night games no matter who is playing. Even the super bowl goes off at 9pm when I go to bed, don't judge, I sleep when I can, I have a special needs son.


With the latest changes and rulings, with where I see the league going, this will be my last year watching at all, curiosity of how the Ravens will do, how a few players on other teams will do, is the only reason.


And like you Dee, I have not and will not miss it at all.

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