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Last night's ending was brutal but not completely unexpected. The offense has been underachieving all season long. Mason is right, this time, we he says the offense should be putting up more points every game---there's too much talent on this offense for us not to have both a terrific passing game and running game. There appears to me to be problems with the coaching---specifically, Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line. The line occasionally breaks down so that you don't get that feeling of confidence in the pocket you should have. I don't think much of what's wrong with the offense is Joe's fault. He doesn't call the plays and I don't even think he's given much latitude to audible out. Where was our line blocking calls on the Polamalu play? He came in uncovered at full speed right off the line---Flacco didn't have a chance. There were several plays of qb's being sacked and fumbling when hit from the blind side in several of yesterday's games. You don't see that happening to Brady or Manning.


And the play calling absolutely sucks. With weapons like Ray Rice, Boldin, Housh, Donte, Mason, and Heap this offense should roll like New Orleans'.


My gut feeling is we need a new Offensive Coordinator and Offensive line coach. Otherwise, next year, if there is an NFL next year, will just bring more of the same.


Now, I can only hope this team isn't so demoralized that they go into the tank starting next week. Its not outside the realm of possibility they could lose to the Texans, Saints, Browns, and Bengals (again) if their tail is between their legs.

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The underachieving for me is being Hot/cold, disappearing for quarters, inconsistent, and yes...not living up to potential. Not doing what they should (because the talent is there).



It's the Ferdinand the Bull Offense.


Underachieving because they do not execute.

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When you have soething that is working like early in the game last night keep doing it. But the second Cam has a lead he starts slowing the game down. That 2007 season with the Pats is a perfect example. Their D sucked bad and Bill Belichick knew it. People were talking about them running up the score. They were just unwilling to show a flaw. They had no D and couldn't run the ball. That is quiet similar to this team this yr. Start killing teams. Drive the score up on them.

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I think the hot and cold thing that Max is referring to is Cam sitting on leads. Flacco looked comfortable and ready to attack after his TD pass. Instead the offense became very vanilla and as a team we looked as if we packed it in. It also hurts a team when you get a huge play from Stallworth and come away with no points.

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