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Guest BallTMore

Yep. We'd need to have a major meltdown not to get in.


We'll finish no worse than 11-5, imo. Most likely the loss coming this week.


I think we can beat whichever team we play in the wildcard (Jags, KC). The divisional round doesn't have me warm and fuzzy, though. Right now, I think that's where this season ends.

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I think we will be 10-6 and make it in. I don't see us beating the Saints and I wont believe we can beat the Bengals until we do.


The Bengals are not the same team that we played in Week 2. They have injuries, Carson Palmer has been terrible, and as seen by TO's latest comments, the team is turning against the coaches. The Bengals play Cleveland and San Diego in the next two weeks, two loses in my opinion. At 3-12/2-13 when they play us, I gurantee you that team will have packed it in for the year. The Saints are going to be tough, but I like our chances at home. We are not going to come out rolling over after last week. I see 3-1 as worst case scenario. I'm thinking a 11-5 record, 12-4 if we win Sunday.

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I see Owens can add another team to his resume of divided locker rooms. Terrell: It's not me, it's them, it was them with the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, and now the Bengals. People just don't understand me! lol


Well, honestly that's what Marvin gets for playing with fire over and over again.


Still, we don't beat Cinci, Marvin Lewis' defense does mess with Flacco. 10-6.


I have a terrible feeling we will miss the playoffs when the Jets finish 11-5 and San Diego and The Colts win out. RRRRR.

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This weekends senario....


The Ravens can clinch a playoff spot if ...


--The Ravens win along with Indianapolis loss/tie and San Diego loss/tie


--The Ravens win along with Indianapolis loss/tie, Miami loss/tie and Kansas City loss


--The Ravens win along with Miami loss/tie, San Diego loss and Indianapolis loss


There are other scenarios in which the Ravens may clinch a playoff spot if they clinch the strength of victory tiebreaker over certain teams this weekend.


For what it's worth, the Ravens play New Orleans, San Diego plays San Francisco, Miami plays Buffalo and Kansas City plays at St. Louis.


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