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Something Good Happening in College Park.

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Just watched the Terps woop #21 Syracuse 63-20.

Locksley is doing fantastic recruiting job locally. I hear many of the St Francis players want to play for him. He's starting to own the Maryland, DC and Virginia market and games like today will make Maryland veryy attractive.

He's got an excellent coaching staff.

And WOW! This offense is something we've never seen. Really diverse and smooth.


We have a new slogan: Maryland is Jackson Country.

Lamar and now Josh Jackson. Boy did he look sharp....and smart. He dissected the defense and made excellent on target passes.


The future is bright.

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Maryland football’s recurring nightmare against Penn State continues with 59-0 loss to No. 12 Nittany Lions........ :scared:

Uhhhhhh....maybe next year.


Total humiliation. I'm beginning to think Locksley can"t coach. This team was not ready.

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Ok....so they hit a few bumps in the road since I put this up....shit happens....the sun also rises....poop still stinks.....

So what if they are 42 point underdogs at Ohio State today?

They could have been 50.

So disrespectful.

Well....the Terps have been hard at work studying this...


I smell upset!

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huge play for the Gophers...3rd and 10 and a sweet pass to Bateman....1st and goal.

Meanwhile, back at the Little Bighorn....Maryland holds the last Ohio State drive to a Field Goal. 52-0.....but they have 5 first downs!

Averaging .4 yards per rush.


How can they attract any recruits other than these guys?


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That was a great game. I mean Minnesota's win.


How could Maryland be so bad and so non competitive?

Ok...Tide vs LSU...bring it on. I want to see a Bama/Ohio State Championship game.

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Wow...I just talked about recruiting and look what happened. White was thinking the same way.



The Maryland Terrapins were utterly destroyed by Ohio State in the first half Saturday, and in the middle of it all a three-star recruit, Jordan White, decommitted from the program. ... With all do respect to whom it may concern, my family and I believe that it is in my best interest to Open Up My Recruitment Process and Decommit from The University of Maryland to make sure that I am making the best decision for myself and my future.

No further questions please .....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/3-star-recruit-decommits-as-maryland-down-42-0-at-halftime-vs-ohio-state/ar-BBWwaED?li=BBnba9I&ocid=U508DHP


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