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Gee...that's too bad.

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Yes sir. Feeling Harmless....



the quarterback is responsible for the fumble he lost and had three turnovers in the first half.

Looking lost most of the night, Mayfield managed to complete just 8-of-22 passes for 100 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions. Then, with just about five minutes left in the game, down 31-3, he was benched.........Loser: Odell Beckham Jr. was a no-show.................https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/winners-losers-from-49ers-dominant-win-over-browns-on-mnf/ar-AAIr3oq?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=U508DHP



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The Cleveland Browns were humiliated, humbled and, ultimately, hammered on Monday Night Football in a wholly hapless showing. The San Francisco 49ers rolled 31-3, effectively putting the Browns away on the first series of the second half with an appropriately overpowering 90-yard touchdown drive..............San Francisco pass-rusher Nick Bosa added insult to the annihilation just before halftime. After driving Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield into the turf yet again to force an intentional grounding, he popped up and mimicked waving a flag, then planting it, with Mayfield flat on the ground behind him. The celebration was retaliation for Mayfield planting the Oklahoma flag in Ohio Stadium two years ago after a Sooners victory over Bosa and the Ohio State Buckeyes.......https://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland-browns/post/_/id/27203/browns-humiliated-in-monday-night-football-debacle

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this wasn't a pretty performance for Mayfield. He started 0-for-4 passing for the first time in his career. He became the first NFL QB since 2008 to go through the first four drives of a game with zero completions and two turnovers. And with two more picks Monday, he leads the NFL with eight interceptions. The Browns have to be better in other areas, but Cleveland isn't going anywhere unless Mayfield plays a lot better.........https://www.espn.com/blog/cleveland-browns/post/_/id/27203/browns-humiliated-in-monday-night-football-debacle


If you feel like a Good Samaritan then please go here to console the Brownie fans....



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CLEVELAND - Since returning to the NFL two decades ago, the Cleveland Browns have infamously started 30 different quarterbacks.

Through the first six games to start a season, Baker Mayfield has thrown the most interceptions of any of them.

Mayfield, who came into the weekend leading the NFL in interceptions, tossed three more picks Sunday, as the Seattle Seahawks rallied for a 32-28 victory, dropping Cleveland to 2-4 on the season, including 0-3 in FirstEnergy Stadium...........Mayfield now has 11 interceptions, the most by a Browns quarterback through six games since Paul McDonald had 12 in 1984, according to ESPN Stats & Info.......Mayfield now has 11 interceptions, the most by a Browns quarterback through six games since Paul McDonald had 12 in 1984, according to ESPN Stats & Info. :nono:


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This is not the first time that we've heard the word dysfunctional and Browns in the same sentence.

Maybe they should change their name from Cleveland to the Dysfunctional Browns and stop smearing that city with slime.


The marriage between the Cleveland Browns and receiver Odell Beckham Jr. isn’t going well.

The latest proof of that fact comes from Mary Kay Cabot of Cleveland.com, who opens a new article with this bombshell: “Odell Beckham Jr.’s exceptional talent has been wasted this season in what multiple sources describe as a dysfunctional Browns offense.”

That’s a strong statement, one that immediately invites speculation as to the identity of the unnamed sources — and that starts the clock on Beckham’s next interview with Lil’ Wayne inexplicably sitting next to him.

There’s more, from Cabot: “Beckham is floundering on an offense multiple sources consider poorly designed and poorly run. The sources believe it won’t succeed in the future unless changes are made in terms of coaching, scheme or playcalling.”

Without speculating on the identity of the unnamed sources, consider this: Cabot explains that receiver Jarvis Landry and quarterbacks coach Ryan Lindley argued on the sideline during last Sunday’s loss to the Steelers, and that linebacker Christian Kirksey had to keep Landry away from Lindley.

Landry, meanwhile, has been avoiding the media over the past two weeks, not speaking during the practice week and skipping out of post-game media obligations last Sunday, along with Beckham — according to Cabot.

It’s unclear where it all goes from here. Beckham’s vague comments from Thursday made it clear that the future is anything but, and his willingness to stay with the Browns may hinge on whether the Browns hire a new head coach after a season of failed expectations end. ....https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/odell-beckhams-talent-“wasted”-in-“dysfunctional”-browns-offense/ar-BBXV5X6?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=U508DHP

Can somebody please call Bud Selig to stop this! :fishin:


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