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It's all true

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It was simply a blast going to games this year. The #1 most important thing for me is the product that they put on the field. It was so refreshing, captivating and exciting. There was a special unifying energy and excitement among the fans....The Lamar Effect.

Yet the Ravens went all out to improve the game day experience and they excelled at that. It's the best that it's ever been.


On the field, the Ravens were one of the NFL's best teams of 2019. In every aspect on gamedays, the Ravens were also one of the best.

In the NFL's annual Voice of the Fan survey – a poll that rates the gameday experience satisfaction of fans – the Ravens and M&T Bank Stadium ranked No. 2 overall among all teams in 2019, only trailing the New Orleans Saints.

Baltimore placed in the Top 5 in most major voting categories, and earned No. 1 ratings for:

  • Stadium technology
  • Video board content
  • Gameday staff
  • Pre-game concourse activities/fan fests outside stadium
  • Instant replays/in-game highlights
  • Highlights from around the NFL
  • In-game & fantasy stats

The Ravens also received exceptional marks in overall gameday entertainment (No. 2), food and beverage (No. 2), fan arrival (No. 4) and tailgate experience (No. 4)

"We are thrilled with the way our fans responded to our gameday experience this year," Ravens Vice President of Marketing Brad Downs stated. "We constantly try to create the NFL's best experience and homefield advantage from the moment our fans hit RavensWalk all the way through the time they leave the stadium. While we are excited about our 2019 rankings, we will continue to challenge ourselves to be better going forward."......https://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/ravens-gameday-experience-ranked-among-the-nfl-s-best

At the end of the 2017 season my eyes and brain were so tired of watching Joe and his Struggling Band that I actually thought that maybe it's time to sell the PSL's.

The long term fan won out. The guy that says "We'll get'm next year." :fishin: "Just a few players away!" :yeah:

Really it was like "Hang in there. Every team has it's ups and downs and the winning times are twice as sweet after going through the disappointments."

I'd be really pissed at myself if I had quit right before the miracle happened. :gorave:

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I've gone to games here and there, usually a game a season since the 90s. About 15 years ago I started going with a friend, usually 2 games a season possibly 3. I always had fun, it was always enjoyable. But last year and especially this year was so much fun, more than I could have guessed

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