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Why Trump Failed His Nation

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This doesn’t begin to get into all the ways Trump himself is personally exceptional: first president to be accused of sexual misconduct by two dozen women; first president to retweet violent conspiracy theorists; first president who doesn’t respect the role of the free press; first president who routinely insults women, journalists, governors, foreigners, immigrants and people of color; first president to treat the Justice Department as his personal law firm and the disgrace of impeachment as license to purge government watchdogs; and first president to ignore, belittle and contradict not only his own law enforcement agencies but also, tragically, his own science and intelligence experts who warned of the coming pandemic...........................https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/05/26/100000-coronavirus-deaths-new-american-exceptionalism-donald-trump-column/5244487002/


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On 6/1/2020 at 10:56 AM, papasmurfbell said:

And the Dems are hell bent on getting him reelected.

I most certainly wish there was somebody other than Biden. He's weak.  It won't feel good pulling the lever for him, yet I could never pull it for Trump.

Why? Why, in a nation our size with our abundant resources, can't we have better choices for the candidates who are running for the nations highest office? Really! We have one who is a dangerous, unconscious megalomaniac and another who shows signs of senility, timidity and waffling. 

There has to be something good about Biden. I have more homework to do.

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