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Decent article from SI...




1. The Chiefs have yet to beat a team anywhere near as good as the Ravens.

Beating up on the mediocre-to-bad teams that fortuitously happen to populate your schedule is a perfectly valid way of making the playoffs, and it's not as easy a thing to do as it might seem. But it has done little to prepare the Chiefs to take on a tested team like the Ravens....


2. The Arrowhead Advantage might only go so far.


3. The Chiefs' top-ranked running attack can be stopped.

...Charles had the great fortune of playing what seems like most of the league's most inept defenses against the run -- including six games against the league's 29th, 30th, 31st and 32nd-ranked run defenses (Oakland, Arizona, Denver, and Buffalo, respectively) -- and, in fact, he saw a run defense that ultimately ranked in the league's top half only four times....



I so want to believe the Ravens will marc h in and take over...yea...I know better.



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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said the offense has to have an aggressive mindset in order to reach the Super Bowl.


"You’re not going to beat the Steelers, Patriots, Chiefs, Jets and Colts by laying back and managing football games and hope to eke it out in the end," he said. "We’re going to have to attack these guys. We feel like if we do that, we’re going to win."


furst.jpg"I so want to believe Joe...why can't I?

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I hope the Ravens watched the Seahawks/Saints game.

Don't let the Chiefs and their fans get off and running.


Exactly what I was thinking as I was watching that game. I think that result was good for the Ravens - shows them how big home field can be and how any team, no matter their credentials, can turn it on in the playoffs.

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If you really want to look ahead, if the Jets beat the Pats we could have a potential home game for the AFC Championship game.



That's where I've been looking. I was a Jets fan yesterday and will be next week.

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