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What could have been


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It makes me sick when I read stuff like this because I don't see how there will be a season....


16-0? Analytics and oddsmakers say Ravens on path to perfection

Analytics and oddsmakers have the Ravens favored to win all 16 games this season. Baltimore looks just as strong or even better than last season, when it won its last 12 regular-season games to finish 14-2. The Ravens return all but one starter from the NFL's highest-scoring offense and improved the front seven, the weakest part of the defense.

If that doesn't set up the Ravens for success, they play teams whose combined 2019 winning percentage was .438 (worst in the NFL) and travel a total of 6,310 miles, the lowest of any team over the past four years. The Ravens play outside the Eastern time zone only once (a Week 2 game at Houston) and go a stretch of 47 days in which they won't have to board a plane (three home games, short road trips to Washington and Philadelphia in addition to a bye)........https://www.espn.com/blog/baltimore-ravens/post/_/id/52511/16-0-analytics-and-oddsmakers-say-ravens-on-path-to-perfection

Even if there is a season we know 16-0 won't happen. I feel they would make the playoffs....yet they have not advanced since their fist playoff game the last 2 years.

This team is so loaded and stacked and should be a blast to watch......but.....

What could have been......


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They have nothing more to write about so they fantasize... It is almost impossible to 16, the Pats did it sure, but look how close they came to going 15-1 or worse. Rex calling a timeout when he didn't have to, the defense had the stop; game over. Even so, the Pats could not finish the post season off...

The Phins did it a very long time ago, that's it..


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The pats did it but each week getting a little weaker starting I think with the ravens.  Each DC would watch what the last did and add another tweak.  Finally the Giants in their 2nd shot found the answer.


The phins had the easiest schedule in NFL history.  They played it and won the games but they were not that great.


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Cut everyone free agent signed this off season from other rosters, see where that puts the team in cap space. Frankly, cutting space would be stupidity, if anything it should go up as normal as even with no income coming in, the owners are still making money based on interest.

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