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Let's get some excitement N heeya!


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Thanks for putting this up. I'm very excited that football is about to start.

It's anybodies guess about how well teams will execute.

As you know I've been totally sidetracked on this election and all the issues. I'm in over load...saturated and so happy the season is right around the corner. It's messing my head up and I really need a break.

I have been following the Ravens everyday since camp started yet I've hardly talked about them. That's never happened in my life since I was 13. Now....I've been called to the basement to accept my forthcoming discipline:


The Ravens go as far as the O line. Defenses will be ready this season for the Ravens offense. The Ravens have a ton of weapons on offense so the only weak point....the main point to attack and disrupt the offense will be to attack the line.

Offenses around this copy cat league will install segments of what the Ravens offense executed last year. Expect the athletic QB's to run more.

Not worried about teams running up the middle this year. I am worried about our secondary against the run. Teams will have to run outside and if these guys can't tackle there will be trouble. Hopefully Queen is as fast as advertised because he will be busy. The D has to set the edge.

Beware the Browns opening day They have so much talent. Hopefully it hasn't gelled yet due to the new coaching staff and the water in Cleveland. Opening day will set the tone and the race for this season.

Heading to the basement now....:gorave:

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