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Nice read on Lamar

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“A little bit of everything,” Jackson said, over the cell from the locker room postgame. “They had guys spying on me. One player was a linebacker, Darius Leonard, or it’ll be a nickel or a safety or something like that. That’s one thing that’s been going on. Defenses like to change up their coverages against us. Like I said, beating us to the punch, but on occasion stuff like that [mixing it up]. So Coach is going to do his thing, dial them up, just out-scheme them."

But this was always going to happen. NFL defenses and their coordinators are too good not to adapt, and thus there was always going to have to be a second adjustment from the 23-year-old. That second adjustment is happening now and, if you looked closely, Sunday gave you reason to believe Jackson’s growth is taking hold.

The Ravens, to be sure, are a pretty tough 6–2 team. And more equipped for what’s in front of them than last year’s group was, even if this edition isn’t winning quite as pretty as that one was.




Sports Illustrated: Lamar Jackson Is Evolving and Improving, Even If His Numbers Aren't As Eye-Popping As in 2019.

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Yea...Good Find. :gorave:

I know it's the homer Ravens fan in me, but I think the only thing holding Lamar back is the patched up O line. I don't want to beat up on those guys because for back ups the never gave up, fought their tails off and eventually beat a very good defensive front 7 in Indy.

I think Lamar can elevate his game. I think his ceiling is higher...but he needs help around him like all QB's so he can shine. images?q=tbn:ANd9GcReQD80p0mTMs2DW417BrP

OH...and the SI mid season Power Rankings has the Ravens ranked #3....they see something we don't.


3. Baltimore Ravens (6–2)

Points in poll: 174
Highest-place vote: 3 (3)
Lowest-place vote: 7 (1)
Last week: Win at Indianapolis 24–10
Next week: at New England

The Ravens seem a little under the radar, with Lamar Jackson failing to post the eye-popping numbers he did a year ago, but the team has still won every game except against the two AFC teams above them here........https://www.si.com/nfl/2020/11/10/midseason-power-rankings-poll-chiefs-steelers-ravens


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