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The biggest news from the combine is this labor deal will not get done despite the current mediation.

From Peter King...


...In other words, it's going to be a while. Talking to club officials, coaches, a couple of agents and some players here, I hear a lot more pessimism than optimism. The league doesn't want club officials commenting on much pertaining to the possible lockout ("I say nothing!'' Andy Reid told me last night, doing his best Sergeant Schultz from "Hogan's Heroes''), but this much is clear from taking the temperature of football people here: I expect this job action to last well into the summer.


A man who just spent 45 hours with the parties said "very strong differences'' linger "on the all-important core issues.'' Forty-five hours. Little, if any progress on the issues that matter the most. I've said this throughout the process: Regardless how much commissioner Roger Goodell stresses the importance of the March 3 deadline to get a deal before the players are locked out of team facilities, it's a phony deadline. There's no need to make a deal before, say, Aug. 15.

Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/peter_king/02/25/labor-combine/index.html#ixzz1Ev6djxv1

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This is why communism cannot work. People are innately greedy. They will want to take more than they need so the more powerful inthat system do. Eventually it collapses the market.


Being absolute capitalists does the same general thing by squeezing out all your competition and gouging the little people. There is a small window between the two that is perfect.

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